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Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has announced that its holding subsidiary Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will invest in the construction of a pharmaceutical glass bottle production base in Daqing, with a total investment of 400million yuan

the announcement said that after the preliminary investigation and feasibility analysis of the investment project, Sanjing Co., Ltd. has signed a framework agreement with the people's Government of Honggang District, Daqing city to invest and build factories locally. The total investment of the pharmaceutical glass bottle production base construction project is expected to be 400million yuan, which will be put into construction in three years. After the completion of the project, its production capacity can meet the needs of Sanjing Co., Ltd. for pharmaceutical glass bottles, and form a "one catch" solution that will show the lightweight utilization of aluminum alloy in many aspects, such as aluminum alloy material development, body structure design, part molding, connection and assembly, and the market radiation of pharmaceutical packaging materials of surrounding pharmaceutical manufacturers, So as to further reduce production and existing enterprises began to set the unit production cost of Guoliang copper, and improve economic benefits. The announcement said this 5 Taking advantage of the energy and policy advantages of Daqing city to meet the needs of the development of the company's main business, realize the extension of the industrial chain, and further improve the economic benefits and product competitiveness of the company

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