The hottest Sansi LED will light up Nanning Metro

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Sansi LED will light up Nanning Metro Line 2. Shanghai Sansi continues to write the legend of the king

recently, Shanghai Sansi won the bid for the LED lighting project of Nanning Metro Line 2, and nearly 10000 sets of Sansi lamps will shine in the beautiful green city. This is one of the many lighting projects undertaken by Sansi after it started ed lighting with poor accuracy and sensitivity of Metro l hardness tester in 2010

lighting in the station hall of Shenzhen Metro Line 2

it is reported that the procurement requirements for LED lamps in Nanning metro are quite strict. Sansi can break through the encirclement in the hands of many well-known domestic bidding competitors and win the bid at one stroke, which is due to the following three core advantages:

has the core independent patent

Sansi led Metro lamp has the core independent patent "reflective LED lighting", Through the secondary optical design of the lens and reflector of your debut lamp, and taking full account of the characteristics of LED heat dissipation, the LED light-emitting unit is designed for independent heat dissipation and independent light distribution to form a reflective surface light source lamp with LED hidden light beads, known as "light without light". In addition, Sansi led Metro light also has the core technical advantages of LED non-uniform layout array technology, transparent and efficient near-end heat dissipation Wanhua Ningbo High Performance Materials Research Institute and a series of industrialization projects, such as the foundation laying ceremony technology and digital dimming control technology held in Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo, and is firmly ranked as the king of the Metro LED lighting market

passed the fire CCC certification

in this project, in order to meet the demand for uninterrupted lighting, the owner requires the lamps to pass the fire CCC certification, which virtually raises the threshold of bidding. Sansi LED panel lamp is a centralized power type fire emergency lighting lamp. The power supply lines have undergone special fire prevention treatment, and have passed the inspection of the national fire electronic product quality supervision and inspection center. It has the fire CCC certificate, and can maintain normal operation in case of fire, power failure and other emergencies, so as to ensure personnel safety

Shenzhen Metro Line 2 station hall lighting

customized lighting special-shaped lamps

in this subway indoor lighting design scheme, Sansi customized a number of beautiful led special-shaped lamps with different shapes for Nanning Metro. Sansi led special-shaped lamp combined with personalized lighting design scheme makes the whole lamp body like a crystal clear jade plate, with transparent, soft and uniform light output effect. In addition, Sansi lamps have wide light angle, uniform illumination, bright and non dazzling light, stable performance and long service life, and can illuminate the subway vehicle lane for a long time, meeting the lighting needs of the subway

Hangzhou Metro Line 4 "stars in the sky" LED lighting

in the field of Metro LED lighting, Shanghai Sansi has an absolute dominant position. Shenzhen Metro Line 2 constructed by Sansi is the first metro line with LED lighting in China and even the world, and has won the China LED application excellent engineering award. In addition to Shenzhen Metro Line 2, Sansi has also undertaken LED lighting projects for more than 40 subway lines in Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Dongguan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuxi and other places, accounting for half of the domestic LED subway lighting

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