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Three autumn walks on the front line: Lovol demonstration farm leads the new weather of three autumn

three autumn walks on the front line: Lovol demonstration farm leads the new weather of three autumn

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"the bad mixing of wheat non plastic masterbatch and color masterbatch will also make the product color volatile, which is busy, and the busy harvest is heartbreaking" is a portrayal of traditional industry. However, recently, the author saw in Lovol agricultural equipment demonstration farm, Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, The one-stop operation of modern agricultural equipment really makes Qiu busy

harvest corn like wheat

the author saw in the farm that two Lovol Ceres ge60 corn harvesters were busy working, and corn stalks with ears were cut off and then swallowed. After normal wear and tear, the operator came to the field and raised its long arm high. The golden corn grains accumulated into an average thin layer from the opening at the top of the long arm and poured out onto the transfer vehicle

this is the first time that the farm has used a grain harvester, which has attracted many large farmers in surrounding counties and urban areas to watch. After unloading the first barrel of grain, everyone gathered around to watch the harvest effect

Liu Yongchao from Jining told the author, "Nowadays, the development of agricultural mechanization is really advancing by leaps and bounds. The harvest of corn is the same as that of wheat. Originally, I thought that the seeds would be harvested directly, and a lot of corn cobs would fall in the field. In fact, I can't find them. The threshing is very clean, and the damage is very few. Harvesting seeds directly in the field saves time, labor, and the cost is also low. Hiring people to break corn cobs requires two people to work for a day on an acre of land, and the cost of hiring workers is about 300 yuan, and using the method of direct harvest of seeds It only costs 100 yuan, which is nearly 200 yuan less than manual harvest. "

Fang Xinxiang, the person in charge of leiwo agricultural equipment demonstration farm in Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City, told the author, "our farm has a total of more than 10000 mu of land transferred. This year, we planted 1500 mu of grain direct harvest experimental fields in the farm. In terms of today's machine harvesting, the effect is not wrong, which exceeds the expected effect expressed by my industry experts. I am relatively satisfied."

Fang Xinxiang said that the emergence of Lovol Ceres grain direct harvest corn harvester has taken a new step in the direction of comprehensively promoting the mechanization of corn harvesting, reducing farmers' labor intensity and promoting agricultural science and technology. Farmers usually face a series of labor-consuming and time-consuming links such as peeling, drying and threshing after receiving corn at home. At present, the phenomenon of left behind in rural areas is relatively common. Many young people go out to work, leaving the elderly at home to look after their children. The elderly can't do farm work and have to worry about the safety of their children. The efficiency of the traditional farming mode is very low. More and more farmers hand over their land to them, and their professional operation mode of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives can play a good role in the open space of 10000 mu demonstration fields

the operation of the dryer solves the difficulty of drying grain.

as usual, after the corn is harvested, it enters the drying link. After the corn is peeled, it is directly dried on the main road. Coupled with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in recent years, it leads to a high rate of mildew and loss of grain. In order to effectively ensure food security, the Lovol agricultural equipment demonstration farm in Yicheng District, Zaozhuang city invested and purchased six Lovol dryers, which were put into use for the first time in the third autumn of this year

Fang Xinxiang revealed, "Like this, six low-temperature circulating drying units can be combined into a group for simultaneous operation, which can dry more than 300 tons of grain a day. It takes only half a month to dry all 10000 mu of corn on our farm, and only one labor force can operate it. If manual operation is adopted for drying, a large number of surrounding labor forces need to be employed to complete the drying task. It is also a large expenditure to pay 150 yuan per day for each labor force. There is no sufficient drying place near the farm, which lasts for a long time, and migrant workers can not be hired during the busy farming season. If the food cannot be dried in rainy weather, it will mildew over time, and the loss will be even worse. "

looking at the huge harvest of corn, Fang Xinxiang couldn't help but be happy: "it's another bumper harvest. Now it's OK. The grain is directly sent to the granary for storage after drying, so that the quality of the grain produced is higher and more environmentally friendly."

according to Lovol heavy industry group, in the context of the national No.1 strategy to ensure food security, in order to reduce food losses and improve food quality, the enterprise has seized the commanding height of the dryer Market through resource integration and technological innovation, promoted the development of mechanization in the whole process of food production, and led the industrial transformation and upgrading

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