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"Sanitation robot" will be a new technology in the field of micro engineering

robots with sensors all over the body can detect and send water pollution when swimming underwater; Those who hide large garbage cans can not only collect garbage at households' homes, but also automatically clean roads and monitor air quality... Yesterday, the China Germany Italy environmental monitoring microsystem high tech forum was held at the high tech fair. Scientists from the three countries discussed the application of microelectronics and mechanical systems, the world's most cutting-edge scientific and technological field. It is revealed that the world's leading underwater monitoring robot jointly developed by Italy and Chongqing University is expected to come out in two years

the robot "once served as a value-added sanitation worker we gave our customers" is coming.

Professor Rio, a world-renowned expert in the field of micro engineering and the micro engineering technology center of the University of Santa Ana in Italy, introduced the latest technology at the Forum: put the robot in a complex environment, "command" the robot to monitor the environment through a wireless sensor network, and then the center remotely controls the robot to process the site

Professor Dario said that Europe took the lead in launching the sanitation robot program three years ago, which plans to use robots instead of humans to monitor and clean specific places. In the picture he showed, this big green guy is almost one person tall. There are various sensors integrated in his "head", and his stomach is a large dustbin. Under his belly is a vacuum cleaner, which can move through two wheels

Professor Dario said that it can not only collect garbage at the door of households, but also automatically monitor the air quality in the passing area. If a certain index exceeds the standard, it can automatically alarm and analyze the composition and concentration

"currently, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and other countries have set up demonstration sites, which are expected to be extended to more regions in the next year, and it is not ruled out that this technology may enter China or Chongqing"

"electronic pill" fixed-point treatment

"Chongqing University has also made significant achievements in the field of micro Engineering". According to a major person, the electronic pill developed by it has entered clinical trials. After the patient swallows this 3 cm pill, its shell will not be damaged. When it reaches the intestinal tract or other parts that need treatment, the doctor can send instructions through external equipment, and the shell will burst in response to the sound, releasing drugs, so as to achieve the purpose of targeted treatment

it is reported that Microengineering has great potential in the field of human health. The performance and precautions of tensile testing machine are that it can not only produce lifelike and inductive prosthetic limbs, ears and eyes, but also be used for medical monitoring. At the high tech fair, the Italian exhibition group brought an exhibit. Patients can automatically monitor their temperature, blood pressure or heartbeat by wearing this instrument, and send it to the hospital's monitoring center through wireless network to prevent patients from accidents. Low density

underwater robot monitoring the water quality of the Three Gorges

in view of the water quality problems of the Three Gorges concerned by the world, Professor Rio also revealed the upcoming cooperation project with Chongqing University - the production of underwater robot monitoring water quality

Professor Rio said that they would install sensors on the fish like mobile underwater robots. When swimming in rivers, they could monitor 29 and JIS to detect water pollution, and then transmit it to the control center through wireless sensor networks. In order to prolong the use time of the robot, he said that solar energy can also be used. When the energy is about to run out, it can automatically float to the surface to supplement energy, and then continue to work

it is reported that this research work is about to begin, and it is expected that the first underwater monitoring robot may be available in two years, and it will take on the important task of protecting the water environment of the Three Gorges

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