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The bathroom market is deeply trapped in low pressure and the Countermeasures of bathroom dealers

the building materials and bathroom hardware market in 2012 was hot and cold, and most of the time was in a severe cold period. The bathroom hardware market was depressed, and the difficulties of bathroom home stores and manufacturers were obvious to all. So what is the situation of sanitary ware dealers and agent groups that are not often concerned? Previously, through investigation and interviews, the author found that many sanitary ware dealers have issued the voice of sad days, obviously feeling the pressure of survival under the cold winter, so why are sanitary ware dealers in a difficult situation? Bathroom hardware market downturn, high channel costs, pressure from manufacturers and the impact of new channels have cast a shadow on bathroom dealers

first: the demand is shrinking, the bathroom hardware market is depressed, and the sales performance is worrying.

in 2011, the real estate regulation policies were issued in turn. The purchase and loan restrictions pushed the bathroom hardware market to a low ebb. The bathroom building materials industry, which is located in the downstream of the real estate, has not been spared, and has been involved in the depressed bathroom five gold market environment. In view of the scarce passenger flow in the bathroom hardware market, some bathroom dealers have made a sad sound. Some insiders pointed out that the real estate regulation policy has led to a sharp contraction in consumer demand, and sanitary ware dealers are in a worrying situation. In 2011, a new round of property market regulation and control was introduced, which made the situation of the home furnishing industry more complicated and confusing. The real estate regulation will reduce the housing turnover, which will lead to the sluggish market demand for household bathroom hardware. It is understood that at present, there are few newly developed buildings in the Fourth Ring Road of Beijing. Now the source of decoration is mostly the buildings developed by real estate developers in 2009 and 2010. The second decoration of second-hand houses or old houses accounts for a large part, and the purchasing power of two limited houses is very low. With the reduction of incremental housing, it is inevitable that the market for home building materials, bathroom hardware is cold

the coldness of the bathroom hardware market is directly reflected in the flow of people in stores. At ordinary times, it's good to have about 10 consumer loaders entering the store every day. Even on weekends, the daily passenger flow will be measured, and the system will automatically reset to about 20 to 30 people. The general sanitary ware dealer of a well-known brand in Beijing admitted. The strong real estate regulation and control policy issued by the state has a very serious impact on the property market, which has suppressed some rigid demand to some extent, and undoubtedly increased the wait-and-see mood of consumption. Shenxiaoxiang, a Beijing sanitary ware dealer of Baihui cabinet, agreed with this, and pointed out that the current monthly turnover through retail channels has fallen to less than 100000

in the process of visiting the stores, we also found that the passenger flow decreased significantly compared with previous years, even during the May Day and National Day golden week. The situation of shoulder rubbing and heel rubbing has long disappeared. Some bathroom dealers even said that sometimes no one walked into the store all day, and the phenomenon of withdrawal and layoffs can be seen everywhere. According to insiders, at present, more than 80% of the sanitary ware dealers are operating at a loss. The limited digestion capacity of the sanitary ware hardware market has brought great pressure on the sales of sanitary ware dealers this year. The current situation of the sanitary ware hardware market with supply exceeding demand makes the survival of sanitary ware dealers difficult

second: the expansion of bathroom and home furnishing stores is fast, and the rent is high. Bathroom dealers can't afford it.

under the bad situation, the channel cost is still strong. During the visit, the author found that the most helpless thing for sanitary ware dealers is the high rent of the store. In the coldness of the bathroom hardware market, the rent problem has become increasingly apparent. Previously, many media have reported that the profits of home building materials products exceed the three-tier allocation to the store rent, which is also a great burden for bathroom dealers with poor performance. A bathroom dealer calculated an account for the author. In addition to rent, electricity, water, property management and labor costs, in the first ten months of this year, only October was profitable, while other months were in a state of loss

the high rent of the store made sanitary ware dealers sigh. In the previous stage, the well-known domestic sanitary ware and home furnishing store invited us to settle at the price of 280 yuan per square meter per month, which was resolutely rejected by me. A well-known brand sanitary ware dealer in Shilihe MinLong ceramic base told the author that the rent of the store has risen in recent years. Taking a well-known store in China as an example, from 2002) the inner rib joint of the following specifications of the equipment to meet the application of the outer rib sample of the same specification: M8 × 1, M11 × 1, M14 × 1, M16 × 1, M22 × 1, M32 × 1; From seven years to now, the rent of the same location has risen from 300 yuan to 450 yuan per square meter per month, an increase of up to 50%. Under the rising tide, Ronaldinho chose a conservative management and no longer entered the store

on the other hand, with the sharp decline in the market demand for bathroom hardware and the increasingly fierce competition, the expansion of bathroom home stores has not slowed down. The author learned that the unlimited expansion and inadequate support of stores have become an important factor in the sad life of sanitary ware dealers. Whether follow-up or not, the profits of sanitary ware dealers have been diluted to a large extent. Yin Yuxin, deputy general manager of Oriental home furnishing Plaza, told the author that the increasing number of stores has led to the diversion of the bathroom hardware market, and the downturn of the bathroom hardware market has led to sluggish consumption capacity. Few stores like Oriental home will show the courage of returning 3000 to 1000 to support bathroom dealers in promoting sales and activities

in fact, the expansion of stores is not on the surface. With the intensification of the withdrawal of stores, the vacancy rate soared. Many bathroom dealers said that the famous stores, which have always been high-profile, also began to throw olive branches at themselves, but due to the severe situation, many bathroom dealers, like Ronaldinho, chose to refuse

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