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Sanlian Bookstore founded a new magazine "Xinzhi", which doesn't follow, just talk about life

Sanlian Bookstore's new magazine "Xinzhi" will be released this week. As we all know, the full name of Sanlian bookstore is life reading Xinzhi Sanlian bookstore. With the release of new magazines, Sanlian Life Weekly, reading and Xinzhi finally gathered. Previously, the outside world has speculated that "Xinzhi" magazine is a popular science magazine, or will it inherit the concept of the original Xinzhi bookstore and become a theoretical journal? In this regard, Miao Wei, the editor in chief of the magazine, revealed a somewhat unexpected answer: This is a magazine of intellectual life, and the biggest feature of its articles is to use more first person narration

positioning, not chasing, just talking about life

the cover design of the trial issue of Xinzhi magazine is somewhat mysterious: a brain occupies an eye-catching position in the center, surrounded by computers, speakers, telescopes, robotic arms and other devices, coupled with a white tone, it looks full of science and technology. The cover story of this issue of the magazine is entitled "brain computer interface, the way of human and machine integration". No wonder many people will guess based on this, will this be a popular science magazine

however, when talking about the positioning of Xinzhi, what Miao Wei said most was not science, but life. When preparing the trial issue, he discussed with his colleagues and mentioned the concept of intellectual life magazine. My intellectual life and spiritual life may not have much to do with the real world, but may be related to the progress of books, art and some sciences in the past, and the release of the financial statements for the first half of 2016 at the same time. Miao Wei said so. Judging from the articles in this trial issue, its content involves music, art, literature, travel and other aspects, and it is indeed more like a life magazine

Miao Wei emphasized that the topic selected by Xinzhi may not be related to the event. His statement was recognized by panzhenping, vice president of Sanlian bookstore: this magazine pursues new knowledge and new ideas, focuses on cold things, but is not a social hot spot. Panzhenping said that the positioning of Sanlian bookstore for Xinzhi is to hope that it can be a higher reading level than Sanlian Life Weekly, and the content is mainly social science, supplemented by natural science

the authors are all experts in various fields

Xinzhi is different from the comparative and objective description of Sanlian Life Weekly, and also different from the semi academic and not too personal narration of reading magazine. Xinzhi is often described in the first person. Miao Wei believes that this will be a sign that Xinzhi is different from other magazines and a feature that it will adhere to in the future

I, who tell stories in Xinzhi, are experts in various fields. For example, Zhang Zheng, vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, has been engaged in it research for many years. His article is called "examination room everywhere, always learning", which describes his experience of watching public classes in the United States. He doesn't like to interview in general, but tells it with his own experience, which is more intimate and in-depth. Miao Wei said that there are two articles about diving in the trial issue. Both authors have more than 10 years of diving experience and have been diving around the world

in Miao Wei's view, the advantage of Xinzhi lies in its concentration of a group of professionals. During the six months of preparing for the trial issue, we only found dozens of authors. Miao Wei frankly said that it is not easy to find these authors. Many of them are scholars who met during the previous interview of Sanlian Life Weekly, including doctors, university teachers and engineers. However, Miao Wei is not worried about their writing level: I think it is a particularly important principle to be simple, clear and say one thing. It is not difficult to make things clear. Writing an article is endless. Take your time

expect to allow losses in the next three years

at the end of the 1970s, Sanlian founded reading magazine; In the 1990s, Sanlian Life Weekly was founded; Now, readers will welcome Xinzhi magazine. Xinzhi is the youngest son of Sanlian bookstore, and everyone hopes that this little son will thrive. Miao Wei said so. According to fan Xi'an, general manager of Sanlian bookstore, the launch of Xinzhi is not only to inherit the tradition, but also to implement the strategy of Sanlian brand publishing group

it is understood that as early as the 1990s, dongxiuyu, who was then the head of Sanlian bookstore, had intended to establish Xinzhi magazine, but at that time, for various reasons, this idea did not come true. It was not until January, 2009 that the preparatory work for Xinzhi magazine began. According to fan Xi'an, Sanlian Bookstore invested 8million yuan in the early stage to establish this magazine, and most of its publishers are the backbone from Sanlian Life Weekly

the biggest pressure of running a magazine now comes from economic risks. Fan Xi'an said that the economic indicators issued by Sanlian bookstore to secondary companies are one-year loss, two-year average and three-year profit, but for Xinzhi, it is an exception, and we allow it to lose money for three years. He explained that the annual profit of Sanlian bookstore was close to 50million yuan last year, with an operating revenue of 250million yuan, which we can afford. In his view, it is also adhering to the tradition of Sanlian bookstore to create a first-class cutting-edge magazine to give back to readers

the trial number is not necessarily perfect, and we are not particularly satisfied with it, but it will come out sooner or later. We are willing to adjust it gradually according to the opinions of all parties. Fan Xi'an said. In this regard, editor in chief Miao Wei also said that this year, Xinzhi will continue to make adjustments. For example, in the future, the magazine may focus on illustrations and reduce the use of photos

according to the plan, after two trial issues, Xinzhi will be officially published at the pace of a monthly magazine


Xinzhi bookstore was founded in Shanghai in August 1935 by Qian Junrui, Xu Xuehan, Xue Muqiao, Jiang Junchen, etc. After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan, the head office of Xinzhi Bookstore moved to Wuhan. Entrusted by the Yangtze River Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the bookstore has published Marxist classics in the name of China Bookstore: sliding friction for plastic products, rubber products or other composite materials

from its establishment to its merger, Xinzhi bookstore has published 10 periodicals and more than 400 kinds of books. Among them, the publications published on the eve of the war of resistance against Japan include rural China monthly, new century monthly, Chinese monthly, etc; The books published include "where is China's monetary system going?" "Debate on the nature of rural society in China" and other societies have achieved the purpose of promoting, controlling the direction of recycling logistics and eliminating secondary pollution. They have also published a number of economic works. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, Xinzhi Bookstore published "Xinzhi series", "Biography Series", "new century literature translation series", "new knowledge series", as well as "outline of new philosophy research", "general history of Chinese thought" and other works

in October 1948, Xinzhi Bookstore merged with life bookstore and reading publishing house to establish Sanlian bookstore

exclusive news

Life Bookstore

re listed in July

according to fan Xi'an, general manager of Sanlian bookstore, with the approval of the former General Administration of publishing, life bookstore will be listed on July 1 this year. This bookstore will be a newly established subordinate Publishing House of Sanlian bookstore, hosted by Sanlian bookstore

the newly established life bookstore is a comprehensive publishing house, which will launch humanities, social and scientific treatises, literary and artistic works, popular culture books, and practical life books. Panzhenping, deputy general manager of Sanlian bookstore, said that when the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Sanlian bookstore last year, it was officially proposed to regularly replace and check out the motion to reopen the life bookstore

life bookstore is a publishing institution established in Shanghai in July 1932. Its predecessor is Life Weekly edited by Zou Taofen. At that time, the bookstore was based on the Agency Department of "life" books and newspapers, and was founded with funds raised by some intellectuals. The bookstore has published more than 30 periodicals and about 1000 kinds of books

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