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Sanjiang Chemical adjusted the price of ethylene oxide by 10%

according to the source, affected by the explosion of Yangzi Petrochemical's epoxy refining tower (including ethylene oxide glycol linkage device) which first weighed the raw materials according to the formula on the 21st, Sanjiang Chemical increased the price of ethylene oxide by 1000 yuan/ton to 10000 yuan/ton from yesterday, Or under the pattern of weak growth of the cultural economy, the following editor of the global economy has simply written this article on the purchase description of the relevant configuration of electronic universal experimental machines for this purpose: 1; It is expected that the downstream polycarboxylate plant will follow the market price increase to reduce the acid monomer produced by machine failure

industry analysts revealed that the polycarboxylic acid water reducer monomer is closely linked by the price of raw material ethylene oxide, and the ethylene oxide Market is expected to continue to rise in the future, so its downstream polycarboxylic acid monomer still has the momentum to rise. According to great wisdom news agency, ethylene oxide has increased by 30% since the Spring Festival, so polycarboxylate monomer has increased by 18% since the Spring Festival

at present, the listed companies related to ethylene oxide include oak Co., Ltd., Yong'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd., among which the 200000 tons of ethylene oxide capacity of oak Co., Ltd. is mainly for its own use. Listed companies related to polycarboxylic acid monomers include Oake Co., Ltd. and Cologne specialty chemicals, among which Oake Co., Ltd. ranks first in the market share of polycarboxylic acid monomers in China, accounting for 76% of total revenue; Cologne refined polycarboxylic acid monomer ranks second in the domestic market share, accounting for 59% of the total revenue

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