The fastest growing packaging industry in South Am

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The packaging industry in South America has developed rapidly

in recent years, South America has developed rapidly in packaging manufacturing. It is reported that the packaging industry in Brazil is expected to achieve an 18% growth rate by using cementitious materials such as fillers or cement before 2005. Followed by Argentina, which is expected to achieve a growth rate of 14%. Therefore, the whole South America will become the fastest growing region in the global flexible packaging market before 2005

it is predicted that the tobacco packaging market in South America has the highest end-user growth rate and will grow by 9% this year. This is because recently, health problems have attracted much attention in most developed countries, and the number of smokers is declining, forcing tobacco manufacturers to turn their targets to developing countries. Food and beverage packaging is also expected to grow. This year, beverage packaging has increased 10 times compared with 2002. In terms of packaging materials, paper will continue to be favored by the global market, with an average market share of 40.5%

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