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The development speed of domestic carton packaging machinery market ranks first.

based on domestic packaging information, there are five major categories of packaging machinery with strong market demand. Including complete sets of corrugated box machinery, the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of South Korea announced that it would integrate domestic research institutions and enterprises in South Korea to promote the commercialization of graphene to develop pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery, complete sets of food machinery and equipment, complete sets of beer and beverage canning equipment, and fresh fruit and vegetable processing and packaging equipment. Corrugated box (box) printing equipment ranks first in five categories

the complete set of corrugated box equipment is the leader in the packaging industry. There are nearly 10000 large-scale enterprises in corrugated box (box) packaging. Over the past decade or so, the demand for corrugated box (box) printing equipment in the domestic field has been growing. China Zhongwang released the financial report for the first quarter of 2016, which is prosperous and developing rapidly. In addition, China's corrugated box packaging machinery has been exported to Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions

except that a large number of daily necessities are packed in cartons (boxes), today's motorcycles, machinery, instruments, furniture, aquatic products, fruits, etc. are packed in cartons (boxes). According to the prediction of insiders, with the attention paid to environmental protection at home and abroad, the pull of domestic circular economy advocates green packaging, and a large number of paper packaging products will be widely used in the promotion of paper instead of wood and paper instead of plastic

with the further development of China's economy, the renewal and transformation of carton packaging enterprises will speed up. Cartons (boxes) will develop towards medium and high-grade, low-volume products. Corrugated board production lines will develop towards wide width, high speed, high precision and full automation. Water based printing slotting machines will develop towards multi-color, high-speed, high-precision flexible dot printing, and then drive the development of printing die-cutting technology

with the rapid development of the whole carton (box) industry, it will certainly drive the development of complete sets of equipment in the carton machinery corrugated packaging industry. In recent years, the manufacturing level of the carton machinery industry has been improved to a certain extent, but there is still a large gap with the international advanced level. Further efforts are needed to learn to improve the manufacturing level, and it will take another 10 years to catch up with or exceed the international level. (wangzhixing)

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