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The fastest car in the world - Sonic wind land speed car

with the emergence of various means of transportation, we can take cars, planes and even rockets to go wherever you want. With the continuous development of cars, we pay more and more attention to the speed, endurance and emissions of cars. Today, let's introduce the world's fastest car - the sonic wind land speed car

sonic wind land speed car, which is a high-speed car made in the United States, referred to as "lsrv". In theory, its engine will generate about 60000 pounds of driving force. In such cases, the speed can reach 100 miles per second. The top speed can improve the performance and reduce the cost to miles (about 3218 km/h) in the first place. The shape of "sonic wind" resembles the huge and bulky metal version of a string of pearls. It used the military X-15 rocket aircraft, "red stone" and "corporal" nuclear bombs, as well as parts of the US "Apollo" service module. As early as October 3, 1967, the X-15 rocket aircraft set an unbroken sub orbital speed record of 7272 kilometers per hour

so what makes the sonic wind so fast? Its tail is one of the main crack sources. It uses a fin like structure similar to the rocket, which is responsible for dispersing the shock wave to both sides of the car. Starks uses the lateral shock wave in the same way as the auxiliary wheel of a bicycle. He hopes that through this design, he can break through the sound barrier smoothly and further improve the speed with less turbulent airflow. In an interview with Fox, he said that he planned to set a new record outside the UK and let the United States win this honor

of course, at the end of the latest article, it should be said that although it is convenient for us to adopt strain control or beam displacement control, driving too fast is prone to safety problems. (according to Baidu Encyclopedia - Sonic wind land speed car)

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