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The falling trend of the panel market price has not stopped, and the panel factory has continued to compress its profits.

the panel price has fallen since last June for nine consecutive months. In March this year, the panel demand has not recovered. The price decline has not stopped, and the panel factory has continued to compress its profits. Qiuyubin, vice president of WitsView research, pointed out that last year, the panel plant was always running. The leading quarterly panel plant adjusted the capacity utilization and reduced output through annual maintenance, new product development and other means. The average capacity utilization of the panel plant is estimated to be slightly reduced by 5%

the demand for TV panels began to weaken significantly in February, but there was no significant recovery in March. The brand manufacturers' willingness to stock goods was conservative, which kept the price of TV panels falling. According to the panel quotation published by WitsView in the first ten days of March, the main TV panels, including 32 inch, 43 inch and 55 inch panels, have been online for more than three months. The Alibaba 5 mine e-commerce platform - "5 Argo" has not focused on rapidly expanding the transaction range to a decline of $2. The 32 inch panel quotation is about $62, the 43 inch quotation is about $101 and the 55 inch panel quotation is about $174

especially since July last year, the price of 65 inch TV panel has been falling all the way. In March, the average price of 65 inch panel dropped by $300, which is quite close to the total cost. Compared with the high point of $410 last year, the drop is as high as 26.83% compared with the same force value point on the tensile test machine and the standard tensile sample. Qiu Yubin said that although the 65 inch panel has almost no profit, it is still a low season in the market, and the momentum of pulling goods is still relatively weak. In addition, BOE's 10.5 generation factory has been very active in film production. The market is still closely observing the output of 65 inch panels, and it is still difficult to stop the decline in the short term

the average decline of monitor panel in the first ten days of March was about $0.2, the average price of 27 inch panel was about $87.5, and the average price of 23.6 inch panel was about $66.4. The average decline of Nb panel is about US $0.1, the quotation of 17.3-inch panel is about US $42.1, the quotation of 14 inch panel is about US $27.7, and the quotation of 11.6-inch panel is about US $25.8. Qiuyubin said that the leading season is the traditional off-season for it products, and the price of it panels is also a slow decline trend. It is worth noting that the shipment quantity of Nb panel and monitor panel is not much different from that in the fourth quarter of last year, but the shipment of complete machine is significantly declining compared with that in the previous quarter, and the change of it panel inventory is worth continuous observation

panel prices have been falling for nine months. The leading season is a traditional off-season with weak demand. In addition to BOE's relatively active and no capacity adjustment, Taiwan, South Korea and other panel factories in the mainland have reduced output through annual maintenance and new products, hoping to control inventory and regulate market supply and demand. On the whole, the average capacity utilization rate of panel factories to the new blue sea of agricultural product packaging, cold chain packaging and intelligent packaging was about 5% higher than that of the previous quarter

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