The fastest growing food plastic packaging in Euro

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Rapid growth of plastic food packaging in Europe

rapid growth of plastic food packaging in Europe

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by 2007, the market sales of plastics for food and beverage packaging in Europe will increase from US $4.91 billion in 2000

(3 instruments using the bridge method to test the principle will continue to be used and developed) sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw; Up to US $7.15 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 5.5%

with the increasing improvement of the properties of plastic materials in hardness, heat resistance and toughness, the European food and beverage industry has increasingly used plastic packaging materials to replace traditional paper, glass and metal packaging. It is expected that the polypropylene packaging market will have the fastest sales growth rate, of which thermoplastic polypropylene will grow by 10.7%, transparent polypropylene will grow by 9.5%, followed by pet, with an annual growth rate of about 9.2%, while expanded polystyrene and soft PVC will have the smallest market growth rate, and may even stop growing. The country that uses the most plastic packaging materials in the food and beverage industry in Europe is France

(18. the durability of polyurethane exterior wall insulation material system should meet the requirements of 7%), followed by Italy (18%), Germany (17.2%)

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