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The rapid development of Fujian plastics industry

as a coastal area, Fujian Province, in addition to its famous clothing industry and footwear products in China, also ranks among the top in the country in terms of crude oil processing capacity. However, the foundation of the plastics industry is very weak, and it has been in a relatively backward position in the country before the reform and opening up. For many years, Fujian Province has been seeking the idea of developing the plastic industry, and finally established the strategy of building a petrochemical pillar industry. Since the 1990s, it has been implemented in the way of "two ends promotion", that is, one end promotes from crude oil processing to the downstream, and the other end first imports raw materials for product processing to the upstream

driven by this strategy, businessmen at home and abroad have invested in Fujian and established a number of plastic processing enterprises by importing plastic raw materials. At present, the province has a number of large-scale plastic processing enterprises, such as Xiamen Huaya Group Corporation, Pacific (Fujian) Plastic Co., Ltd., Fujian Yatong Plastic Co., Ltd., Fujian Zhenyun Plastic Co., Ltd., Fujian Association Group Corporation, Sanming Hongming Plastic Co., Ltd., and has formed a trend focusing on the export of plastic pipes, films and small daily commodities, The overall strength has risen from the 10th place in China at the early stage of reform and opening up to the 5th place at present. According to statistics, at present, there are 312 plastic products manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in Fujian Province, with the original value of fixed assets of about 5billion yuan. In the first three quarters of this year, the output of plastic products in Fujian Province ranked seventh in the country, and the output of plastic pipes ranked fourth

1980, the main plastic products in Fujian Province were still foam slippers and plastic cups, and their processing methods were mainly manual injection molding machines. In the early 1980s, the development and application of functional plastics masterbatch represented by masterbatch colored plastics and inorganic mineral filled reinforced modified plastics. 3. The development and application of functional plastics masterbatch represented by grating digital deformation measurement sensor led to the development of functional plastics in Fujian Province

the leading project of Fujian Petrochemical pillar industry is Fujian Refining and chemical integration project. The project is jointly constructed and operated by Sinopec, ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco overseas. It covers a total area of 437 hectares and has a total investment of 26.692 billion yuan. The investment proportion is 50% for the Chinese side and 25% for the foreign side. The construction contents include: on the basis of the existing production scale of 4million tons/year, the oil refining part will increase the production capacity of 8million tons/year to 12million tons/year; For ethylene, 6 sets of chemical production units including 800000 T/a ethylene cracking, 650000 T/a polyethylene and 400000 T/a polypropylene will be built, as well as corresponding supporting facilities. The project is expected to be completed in 2006 and put into operation in 2007

the completion and operation of Fujian Refining and chemical integration project will provide a large number of raw materials for Fujian plastic processing industry. According to the product scheme of the integrated project, after the project is put into operation, it will provide 650000 tons of polyethylene, 400000 tons of polypropylene and 300000 tons of PVC of various brands every year. In addition, the existing polypropylene production capacity of Fujian Refining and chemical company is 70000 tons/year, that of offshore polystyrene resin Co., Ltd. is 100000 tons, and that of Fujian Meizhou Bay chlor alkali Co., Ltd. is 20000 tons/year, There are 100000 tons of polypropylene from Hong Kong Dongyuan (International) Trading Company under construction, and it is expected that more than 1.65 million tons of synthetic resin will be used for the plastic processing industry in Fujian Province every year

according to the introduction of relevant experts in Fujian Province, the plastic industry in Fujian Province will make full use of these synthetic resins in the future to develop agricultural plastic products, plastic products for construction, plastic products for packaging, plastic products for daily use, plastic products for automobiles, and plastic products for household appliances. Agricultural plastic products are mainly to develop agricultural film, and make a breakthrough in functionality, so that the shed film has multiple functions, such as aging resistance, anti fog drop, high protection, not easy to damage the temperature and high gloss efficiency, and also to develop broadband shed film, such as PVC film with a width of more than 4 meters, and polyethylene thin imitation flocking interior materials are currently mainly used on automobile columns with a film width of meters or even 18 meters, At the same time, efforts should be made to develop plastic film varieties with degradation function and other unique functions, such as colored plastic film, weeding plastic film, etc. The development of plastic products for construction is standardization, serialization and high-grade. The focus of the development of plastic pipes and fittings is to increase the variety of designs on the basis of the existing product varieties of Huaya (Xiamen) Plastic Co., Ltd. and Fujian Yatong Plastic Co., Ltd., so as to improve the product quality and grade. For plastic products for packaging, the film is mainly multi-layer composite and biaxial stretching, and the packaging film suitable for various purposes is developed, especially the new base material for food and drug packaging, as well as the high impermeability packaging materials and sterile packaging materials that improve the protection function and prolong the service life of goods; Braided products develop high-temperature, antistatic and aging resistant braided products to meet the needs of cement, chemical fertilizer, non-ferrous metal and other industries for packaging materials; Hollow talked with him about the problems he encountered in the adaptability and performance of prosthetic limbs. The container is mainly based on the fact that Fujian Province is the main hometown of rice, tea and vegetables in China. It focuses on the development of fruit boxes, vegetable boxes, food boxes, beer boxes and beverage boxes, so as to serialize the product specifications to meet the needs of different users. Daily use plastic products should strive to increase the variety of designs and colors, develop more functions and try to be good and cheap. Plastic products for automobiles and household appliances are mainly developed according to the needs of users

relying on the Fujian oil refining and chemical industry integration project under construction, the development prospect of Fujian plastic processing industry will be broader in the future

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