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How can industrial enterprises get rid of "internal and external difficulties"

Jinan, September 27 (Xi min, yuan Junbao) - according to the monthly report on industrial economic benefits released by the National Bureau of statistics on the 27th, in August this year, the profits of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size continued the previous downward trend, achieving a profit of 381.2 billion yuan that month, a year-on-year decrease of 6.2%. Among the 41 industrial categories, the number of industries whose profits fell year-on-year increased to 16

experts believe that the data shows that the current situation of China's industrial enterprises is still not optimistic. The rising production costs, sluggish downstream demand and complex international market situation affect the development of industrial enterprises. Enterprises urgently need to improve the technical content of products and explore emerging markets in order to get rid of this situation of internal and external difficulties

the profits of industrial enterprises continued to decline year-on-year

data released by the National Bureau of statistics on the 27th showed that from January to August this year, industrial enterprises above Designated Size achieved a profit of 3059.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.1%, and the decline continued to expand. Among the 41 major industrial industries, the profits of 24 industries increased year-on-year and 16 industries decreased year-on-year. Among them, ferrous metal smelting and calendering industry decreased by 67.4%

among industrial enterprises above Designated Size, the total profit of state-owned and state-controlled enterprises fell significantly year-on-year due to the decline in the profit margin of steel, chemical industry and other industries. In the first eight months, the profit was 883.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.7%. Private enterprises achieved a profit of 945.4 billion yuan, an increase of 15.1% year-on-year. Although the vitality is OK, the year-on-year growth rate is significantly lower than last year

experts believe that in August, due to the weak economic recovery momentum in major export markets such as the United States, the European debt crisis will continue to ferment, and the weakness of the domestic market, the profit space of industrial enterprises accelerated to decline. At the same time, the cost of enterprises continues to rise. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the cost per 100 yuan of main business income has risen from 84.71 yuan last year to 85.47 yuan at present

baipengming, a macroeconomic researcher at CIC, believes that the data in August continued the downward trend of profits in the first half of the year. From the analysis of various factors that affect the efficiency of enterprises, the leading indicator HSBC PMI index and its purchase price index continued to decline in August, which showed that the demand was weak in the short term, the economic downturn remained unchanged, and the difficult situation of enterprise operation in the short term was difficult to improve rapidly, which would promote the continuous decline of industrial profits

Luo Zhongwei, a researcher at the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: it is expected that the decline in profits in the future will still exist, but the range will narrow

a number of adverse factors are still plagued by industrial enterprises. The labor volume and construction period have been reduced by about 2/3.

experts believe that although all countries are taking measures to boost their economies and strive to create a better market environment to accelerate economic recovery, in the near term, many adverse factors, including weak market demand, increased trade disputes and rising production costs, still plague industrial enterprises

Han Kai, Secretary to the general manager of Shandong Huacheng group, which mainly produces auto parts, said that due to the downturn in the downstream auto manufacturing industry, the recent orders for engine connecting rod products produced by this company were very unsatisfactory, with an operating rate of only about 40%, and the production capacity fell by more than half. Some enterprises and analysts said that the current domestic market demand provides a huge development space for rigid PVC foamed plastics; The sufficient supply of PVC raw materials, reasonable prices and the complete industrial chain that has been formed provide a reliable basis for the development of rigid PVC foaming products. Sluggish demand has led to a decline in the profit margin of enterprises, and the loss face of some industries will further expand. Liuxinwei, an analyst of zhuochuang information steel industry, said that from the financial statements of large and medium-sized steel enterprises released by China Steel Association, the profit margin of domestic large and medium-sized steel enterprises from January to July was -0.686%, and the cumulative profit per ton of steel was 0.76 yuan; In terms of data, the steel price fell by about 230 yuan per ton in July and 350 yuan per ton in August. At the same time, the price adjustment of steel mills fell by more than that in July, resulting in a further increase in the scope of losses in August and an increase in the number of loss making steel enterprises

at the same time, the external environment that affects the profits of China's industrial enterprises is also more severe. Experts believe that the United States, Europe and Japan have adopted substantial quantitative easing policies, which have increased the pressure of China's imported inflation, and the financing costs of enterprises will rise. Some export-oriented enterprises will be tested by the passive appreciation of the RMB

how to get rid of internal and external difficulties

experts believe that the problems plaguing domestic industrial enterprises will still exist for a period of time, which is a severe challenge for enterprises, but it will also force enterprises to pay more attention to reducing internal costs and adjusting product structure. At present, only by facing up to and actively seeking market breakthroughs can they get rid of the situation of domestic and foreign difficulties

Zhang Weiguo, director of the Economic Research Institute of the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, said that from the survey of some enterprises, overcapacity is actually relative. The large inventory of most enterprises mainly lies in the serious homogenization of products, the lack of competitive core products, and some products with innovative and high technical content are still in short supply

Han Kai said that although the market of the company's automotive engine connecting rod products is sluggish, the demand for vacuum pumps and reducers, which are at the forefront of domestic technology, is still strong. In August, the total orders for these two products reached 140million yuan, more than double the average order volume in the previous seven months. From the comparison of these three products, the high-end products that are ahead of their peers in R & D and production still have broad market prospects. Han Kai said

LUO Zhongwei believes that in the short term, enterprises can control costs and improve profit margins by strengthening management and improving labor productivity. In the long run, we should go from low-end to high-end and take the road of differentiated development through the accumulation of talents and technologies and the innovation of business models

Zhang Weiguo said: export-oriented enterprises should not wait for the traditional market economic environment to improve, but should actively develop new markets, develop new customers, and reduce their dependence on traditional markets

in addition, some experts believe that at present, China should further strengthen the implementation of structural tax cuts, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights for independent innovation of enterprises, and actively organize enterprises to deal with trade barrier disputes in different industries, so as to create a better environment for the industrial economy

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