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Personal care product packaging: how to get value for money

in the field of beauty and personal care, packaging is not the most attractive product, but it is the most practical. Thousands of consumers use deodorants, soaps, shampoos and toothpaste every day, and packaging has become necessary for these products. While practical in nature, the packaging of these products is also becoming more sophisticated and complex, because consumers have been spoiled by modern convenience and more appreciative excellent design

consumers have been spoiled by modern convenience and more appreciative excellent design

for these packages, they also need to grab consumers' attention to transfer from store shelves to their shopping carts. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why manufacturers of personal hygiene products are constantly counting on packaging suppliers to deliver new shapes, functions and better designs to promote repeated sales. In addition, these packages also need to withstand the harsh conditions of daily use. They are often stored in the steamy bathroom, in the damp corner of the shower, behind the stuffed health boxes, in messy drawers, or in sports bags, suitcases or beach bags

therefore, as packaging suppliers, they must give consumers a convenient and reasonable transmission system and packaging, and at the end of their use, they look as good as when they were first purchased. Only in this way can we make a decision to buy again


for sunscreen products, consumers are very used to bottled lotion. However, recently, continuous spray has come to the market to provide a new convenient spraying method for traditional sun protection measures. According to industry experts, it is long overdue to combine this type of packaging with sunscreen products. Aerosol cans have been waiting for the attention and use of sunscreen marketers

large manufacturers of sunscreen brands are currently promoting their own continuous spray sunscreen products - which can provide an easy-to-use feature and a little difference in a highly competitive and seasonal product field

schering plough was one of the first suppliers to launch its Coppertone continuous spray sunscreen (continuous spray sunscreen) last year. This year, the company has added new varieties for children, a dry oil product and a new SPF sunscreen sports product. In May this year, Playtex's banana boat added transparent and white Ultra Mist continuous spray sunscreen formulas for adults and children respectively

according to the relevant person in charge of Rexam dispensing systems, it is important that these sprays enable users to spray evenly on those hard to reach parts or restless children. Through cooperation with plastohm, the company's Airfree system provides "360 degree spraying capability, so that the packaging can be used anywhere for end users"

another area that sprays enter is the deodorant market, which is being driven by the popularity of body spray products from brands such as Unilever's axe. Although axe is for men, body spray is also being used to attract women, especially girls and pre puberty girls. P & G continues to expand its secret body sprays body spray with its recently launched new product Apple dazzle

however, not every consumer is turning to spray to deal with underarm problems. Sticks and roll ons are still very popular forms, and deodorant manufacturers have been looking for new ways to distinguish these products. The rod and gel rod conduction system has now matured to the point where the biggest innovation is the aesthetic contrast function

"in this case, the market has been looking for new designs in container shape and labeling," the relevant person in charge of dieterbakic enterprise (DBE) in Munich added by the end of March. To achieve this goal, DBE has added two new products to the deodorant market - Futura deodorant stick and Dave multipurpose stick. The company is also considering the environmental impact of their deodorizer packaging

tom's of Maine can purchase recyclable ball packaging and spray bottles, but according to experts, it is difficult to find recyclable rod-shaped deodorant packaging. Due to strict temperature requirements, most rod-shaped packaging is made of non recyclable mixed plastic. However, Tom's and its suppliers have tested various resin and injection mold improvements, and finally have a rod package with good performance, which is 100% polypropylene and recyclable. "The key to this processing process is persistence, emphasizing the importance of recycling and testing," he said

Brazilian experts from natura cooperated with Rexam to develop refillable packaging for its SR n de natura men's deodorant. This product features Rexam's low profile pump, which uses a screw plug at the bottom of the bottle to easily refill, which helps reduce waste

oral care packaging

the convenience and functionality of packaging play a leading role in the field of oral care products, but marketers also realize that attractive and innovative packaging can promote new and repetitive sales

according to Alcan Packaging, in addition to improving the secondary packaging, packaging companies also pay closer attention to the primary packaging, which is a ubiquitous hose for toothpaste packaging. "Research has found that consumers were initially attracted by the appearance of beautifully decorated cartons on the shelf, but were disappointed with the standard hoses inside. Marketers are now thinking about what is outside the cartons and using hoses as a sales carrier," she said. The standard hose with a rotating cover has evolved into a higher-end package, in part because of new features such as full diameter stand up, flip closure and metal pattern

who and where to use

another important consideration in the packaging of personal care products is to remember: who will be the end user and where will she use it? Not the person who bought it. As personal care companies continue to expand profits through gender - and age-specific products, it is critical to develop packaging that addresses specific consumer needs

when bullie care developed its under eye wake up call eye care product, it found it difficult to search for a package that was very suitable for its male customers. The problem is: skin care for most men is an area that has never been tried in terms of torque output ratio multiplied by electromechanical output deceleration ratio, said John cypher, President and CEO of the company

cypher's goal is "no fingers required" during the application process After trying many options, including pre soaked cotton swabs, his inspiration came when he noticed a roll on deodorant on his way along the HBA aisle of the supermarket. "We think it will be perfect," he commented, adding that the bullet size is moderate, and the roll on applicator just squeezes out the right amount of content

it is also a challenge for Kimberly Clark to keep the product in proper size for its users. Although its diapers and wipes are more famous than liquid products, the company has successfully expanded to the children's cleaning products market through the Huggies cleanteam series. According to the relevant person in charge of infant care marketing, the company carried out a large amount of qualitative research on packaging with the mothers of toothy toddlers before launching its product series, including Henry the hippo absorbent, a foaming product packaged in a unique pump bottle, which is suitable for small hands

under what circumstances and in what places may users only spare one hand to take the product? The one under development is TricorBraun's OHP, a patent pending one hand pump. Its feature is a new pump head design suitable for lotion pumps, which allows consumers to clamp the pump handle between their fingers and squeeze the product into the palm of this hand by pushing it down through the back of their hand; This makes it ideal for hair salons, pet care and absorbent liquids

for household shampoos and hair conditioners, bakic suggests that manufacturers should keep in mind the environment in which their products are used: the mechanical property testing room of the strip with a shower thickness of not less than 0.2mm. Wet bottles can be slippery, and users - many of whom may not wear the glasses they usually wear - do not want to fumble with tricky covers to distribute products

does the experimental result show that it is worth the money

when it comes to packaging practical products such as deodorants and shampoos, is it necessary to add additional functions that may increase the cost? Can't basic bottles, hoses and pumps be completed successfully? Suppliers believe that it is wise to study innovative packaging options that can help your products stand out, especially because the processing cost will be continuously reduced

some experts pointed out that the main difficulty for a marketer is the ability to change and differentiate, and then courage. When you cannot add enough value to distinguish this product, cost becomes the only problem. The increased sales and retail burden of innovation will almost offset the increased packaging costs associated with innovation

information source: International personal care product manufacturers

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