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Ronglian cloud communication: how can we go further in competing for the enterprise service market

as of the beginning of November, it orange had tracked a total of 283 investment events in the enterprise service industry. Although it was much higher than the data of the whole year of 2014, 80% of them were before round a and round a, and only 7% were above round B. entrepreneurs and investors still have a long way to go in this field. At the dark horse enterprise level service forum of the entrepreneur community conference, which has just ended, sun Changxun, founder of ronglianyun communication, shared six key points of enterprise level services

can the service be charged in a simple way

in recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet in the world, there has been a phenomenon that the payment habits of enterprise users lag far behind consumer services. The United States invented a word: the consumerization of enterprise software services, slowly transferring consumers' habits in life scenes to work scenes, and the development of domestic enterprise level services is exactly the same. For example, in China, some people discuss work in the Internet and adapt to the habit of communicating with IM. Then there are a large number of working software with IM characteristics in the field of enterprise services

when talking about whether to charge or not, sun Changxun said that the products output by enterprise level services should be a manifestation of value and a change and improvement in efficiency for enterprise users. If enterprises are always unwilling to pay for your services, they need to rethink your product value and charging mode

is the scale of customers large enough

entrepreneurs choose to enter this method. Using Hooke's law, the size of the industry determines the future development space of the enterprise, mostly because its structure cannot resonate with itself for a long time. In other words, an enterprise's choice of products and services directly determines the size of its own customers. In the enterprise level service market, choosing a large-scale industry means that capital and enterprises will go hand in hand, and you may become a giant in the future. From the perspective of the scalability of platforms and products, the size of the industry determines the tentacles of enterprise services. PAAS can target 10% of enterprises, while SaaS may target 90% of enterprises

is the service high frequency

in the Internet era, the customer unit price may not be high, but the service must be high-frequency. In the C-end market, the customer unit price of many o2o projects, such as taxi, take out order, housekeeping and other door-to-door services, is not high, or even lose money, but the huge order of magnitude can fully support it to survive, which is also the top priority to be considered when cutting into the Tob field. The era of traditional software manufacturers charging by presence and eating one order for one year has passed, and the renewal ability and after-sales service ability are extremely poor, Enterprise level services should be designed for the high-frequency needs of Internet scenarios, such as mobile medical services, distance education services, o2o application e-commerce services. Each order may involve the invocation of some services, and a high-frequency sustainable enterprise market will have a future

is the service just needed or not

the result of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a large increase in the number of small enterprises and outsourcing services. Most small and medium-sized enterprises will solve their non main businesses in the form of outsourcing, and there are certain entrepreneurial opportunities in third-party services such as industry tools and user tools. It is precisely this that will give most entrepreneurs an illusion of rigid demand in non rigid fields. Once you choose an industry to enter, you must carefully evaluate whether the needs of some small and medium-sized enterprises are pseudo needs? Do they have the ability to pay

is it a standardized service

public cloud services can only show value if they are more standardized in case of tubing rupture. No matter which layer of iaas/paas/saas in cloud computing, product standardization can bring service interconnection and further promote sales interconnection, so as to obtain more enterprise customers in an efficient and low-cost way

can all enterprise customers accept public cloud

secondly, China's enterprise level services should also take into account the needs of some large government and enterprise customers. The sensitivity of enterprise data makes them unable to use public cloud services, and private cloud with high characteristics and security is the only option. Therefore, in the face of a small number of markets with high customer unit prices, if you can't give up completely, you should fully consider the differences of the market and promote private cloud services

looking at the world's enterprise level service market, China's development speed is unparalleled, but there is a lack of international giants such as SAP, Oracle, salesforce and twilio. However, with the promotion of domestic capital and the acceleration of industry reshuffle, China's enterprise service market will experience its own creation

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