How to harvest and package the hottest pear

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How to harvest and package pears

the yield of pears should be measured in advance before harvest, and then labor should be arranged to purchase fruit baskets, thin bags and other packaging supplies and other relevant fruit picking tools

picking fruits should be handled with care to prevent mechanical damage, such as nail injury, abrasion, crushing, etc. After having a wound, microorganisms are easy to invade and cause decay, reducing storage. For a tree, the harvesting order is from down to up, from outside to inside, and try to avoid falling other fruits to reduce losses. After harvest, the fruit should be graded according to the grading standard according to the size, maturity, color, diseases and pests of the fruit. Grading standards and grades are subjective, and pears are generally divided into three or four levels. In addition to manual and visual inspection, fruit grading boards are generally used for grading. There are 6 ~ 7 round holes with different diameters on the grading board, the smallest of which is 40 ~ 50 mm, and each hole diameter is increased by 5 mm in turn

after picking, the fruit is first filled and dispersed in the fruit shed or in the shade. These five curves show the potential energy, which directly reflects the state heat of the sample when it is subjected to the action of tensile force, and then packaged. For domestic sales, it is mostly packed in baskets, and for export, it is packed in cartons, with 20 ~ 30 kg in each packaging container. Put the pears into the basket, so that they are close to each other and unshakable. After the basket is full, the periphery is level with the edge of the basket, and then the air in the main oil cylinder can be discharged. The middle is slightly higher, with a layer of soft grass or paper on it, cover the basket cover, bind it with rope, and indicate the variety, grade and weight

source: Liu Yan, economic crops department, Mudanjiang Agricultural Technology Extension Station

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