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Nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to adopt e-mail marketing. If it is used properly, marketers can immediately establish contact with thousands of potential and existing customers, and its cost is far lower than that of mail marketing

however, there is a huge risk in blindly implementing e-mail marketing. Users will be disgusted or even angry with the large number of e-mails received with marketing purposes. They always delete those e-mails directly, and may even complain to e-mail service providers, which makes a lot of efforts of enterprises in e-mail marketing go to waste

if e-mail is deleted directly as spam, the opportunity to deliver it to customers will be lost. Therefore, how to improve the effect of e-mail marketing has become crucial. The following are the ten effective tricks summarized by the pioneers of e-mail marketing

1. Provide more value

nowadays, users have higher and higher expectations for e-mail communication, and they want to get more value. Therefore, the first principle is to find new ideas and provide more value than competitors. One of the most important things is that we should not only do simple marketing and persuade customers to buy products, but also strengthen the education of customers. According to the characteristics of why the product is worth buying, introduce the relevant specific background, and even the related supporting products. Although some products may not be the company's main products, this will attract more users to register, click on relevant emails, browse online stores, and view relevant information, so as to create huge business value

statistics show that users can only tolerate up to 15 business information emails, including credit card instructions and the latest information about their children's schools. Therefore, this is a zero sum game. If you want to seize one of the 15 seats, you must deliver more value

2. To give timely feedback to new users,

enterprises must have a specific email address to receive all user feedback. This requires a special person to be responsible. Even if an unregistered user asks, they should also be replied, because they are potential users and have great value. Maybe the feedback received every week is just a few numbers, but it can't be taken lightly, because it means that they have become interested in the product to ask questions or give feedback, and it is likely that some of them are the most valuable users

generally speaking, users registered within 30 ~ 60 days before the end of large-scale marketing activities are the most active or effective users. Once they have registered, they need to send an email immediately to express their thanks, so as to establish a good relationship. After that, provide more relevant content in emails according to users' interests, so that they can select the information you send from dozens or even hundreds of emails they receive every day and respond. Giving some small gifts is usually very effective. For example, giving a 10% discount to encourage first-time purchase is effective in 60% of cases, which is conducive to maintaining a good and healthy relationship with users and attracting them to pay attention to the next step of preferential information

3. Know your registered users

although this means browsing thousands of email addresses, this laborious work is really necessary because: 1) you will know which mailboxes your users will choose, so as to take some measures to avoid being directly deleted as spam, or show more prominently according to the different characteristics of each mailbox. 2) If some people use company email, you can get a general understanding of their industry, so as to provide more targeted services. 3) Can correct some obvious spelling mistakes. 4) If there are competitors mixed in, you can delete them

4. Optimize email content according to mailbox characteristics

what is the mailbox most used by users? Gmail, Yahoo, or company email? It needs to be distinguished clearly and adjusted accordingly in order

if it's a Gmail mailbox, you shouldn't blindly Click to send, but you should try to understand some characteristics of Gmail mailbox, so as to adjust the email title, content color, font, size, etc; If it is a company email, it is also very valuable, which will determine the nature of your email, such as B2B or B2C

5. Segment users

nowadays, there is no longer a universal marketing method. You need to segment the users you want to deliver information. At present, there are some sophisticated market segmentation technologies or software (many email providers allow email with relevant analysis code), which may be worth trying, but the most important thing is to innovate

you can track the information of customers who have opened the product information email or have not opened it at all; It can also track users who have paid for orders or have not paid yet; Or those who have read emails but haven't bought them, they are all worth studying

there is another market segmentation method of "front-end" analysis, that is, after the user registers and logs in, ask some questions appropriately. Generally speaking, as long as it is not difficult to answer multiple-choice questions, users are generally willing to answer at least four questions, including giving their number or email address

at this time, you can subdivide according to the user's intention, such as why do users want your product information or enterprise? Or what does he or she do with your information? You can even further carry out marketing or SMS marketing. A variety of tools make it possible to provide customers with personalized email, and customers are more willing to accept such information. Online bookstore Amazon () has won many loyal customers by sending emails and suggestions to customers who are willing to accept suggestions through their shopping history

6. We have received orders for three months to provide more discounts for key customers

key customers are the most valuable group of all registered users, so we will give them more discounts, generally offering a 20% discount or a direct reduction of $100 when they make their next purchase. Of course, you will find that occasionally a few users may only buy goods of $101 (on average, these big customers will buy goods of $350), but it doesn't matter. First of all, many big customers don't often use these discounts, and if they enjoy the discounts, they usually buy goods of $1000 on average, so everyone is happy

in addition, according to the characteristics of such customers, combined with the convenient and fast characteristics of email marketing, we can provide some time sensitive information. For example, Travelocity, a travel company, constantly sends customers e-mails called "booking tickets", which can provide real-time updated ticket information when customers need it

7. Calculate the income generated by each email

once you know the financial income generated by each email, you can judge whether email marketing is successful or not. After all, income comes first. For example, every 100 emails sent out should generally generate a new registered user. If it is less than this number, we should find out what is wrong. This also helps us to figure out how many registered users who do not subscribe are mixed in the mailing list we send, so we can eliminate them and return to the expected revenue

8. It is important to recommend a commodity or multiple commodity level switches, which are divided into liquid level switches and material level switches

only recommending a commodity may highlight and introduce it more deeply, but it may not be liked by some users, but at the same time, promoting a variety of commodities will also take great risks, for example, it will make people feel that there are too many introductions. Perhaps the best advice is to promote a variety of goods for an interesting theme, such as the 10 most wearable items for a seaside holiday. What is the best effect? It needs to be carefully analyzed according to people and things. In addition, it is best to introduce it according to the different characteristics of goods and the theme

9. Simplify the content and form as much as possible

if you haven't specified special services for BlackBerry or other mobile device end users, you should start now. For this group of users, you should use the simplest language possible to clearly explain your intention and your product. To a large extent, you need to rethink some or all of your email marketing strategies

10. Constantly looking for new registered users

the more interested registered users, the more sales will be generated. This seems to be the clearest truth, isn't it? However, you may not realize that you don't need to spend a lot of marketing budget on finding new registered users

for example, establish a good relationship with well-known bloggers in the industry, sponsor a special event, such as a sports or business competition, or set up a network marketing library, in which the authors of books or treatises are selected by you. Experience shows that these activities cost little, but the effect is very good. Someone once paid $500 to sponsor a major magazine event, and 3000 new registered users were obtained. And when you establish your popularity in the industry, you will find that whether blogs or magazines, when they need partners to carry out business promotion, they will first think of you. At this time, the success rate of e-mail marketing will also be greatly improved. (end)

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