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Evaluation: 360 Wireless Router home high-speed through wall WiFi Gigabit fiber broadband through wall King dual band enterprise p3

first use experience: when I bought 360 Wireless Router for the first time, I was surprised by many media reports before my speech! First, the packaging is tight. There are three layers of white packaging on the innermost side, which is simple and exquisite. Second, the appearance of wireless routing is too beautiful, like a work of art. Third, the installation is very simple without any technology. Fourth, it is convenient to use app to control and upgrade wireless routes. Fifth, high cost performance. TP has been used for wireless routing before. Without comparison, there will be no harm! After 360

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: 360 secure Route 2 Gigabit (with hub function)

3c specification and model: 360p3:12vdc 1.5A (power adapter: ntgp1 metallographic sample 201000gb after confirmation)

b) in an environment with a relative humidity not greater than 30%

Product Name: 360 p3

model: p3

whether wireless: whether wireless

supports VPN: whether it supports

whether built-in firewall: Yes

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